Diagonal mirror (50.8) (w/TKA00111 Adapter (DM)



Diagonal mirror (50.8) (w/TKA00111 Adapter (DM)

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Comes with 2" to 1.25" adapter (TKA00111)

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The FSQ-106 Refractor


FSQ-106 System Chart
1. Main tube
2. Focuser unit
3. Focuser
4. Clamp, focuser
5. Knob, focuser
6. Camera angle adjuster
7. Clamp, CAA
8. Multi-Adapter
10. Visual Adapter
11. Extension tube
14. Coupling (S)
18. Reducer
30. CA-35
32. T-mount
33. Wide T-mount
34. 35mm SLR camera
36. TCA-4 camera adapter
42. Adapter ring, Mamiya 645 camera
43. Mamiya 645 camera
46. Adapter, 1.25\" oculars
47. Oculars (1.25\")
48. Oculars (2\")
49. Diagonal prism (1.25\")
50. Aux ring
55. Roll film holder
58. Pentax 6x7 camera
59. Adapter ring, Pentax 6x7 camera
60. Extender-Q1
70. Adapter-Q (2\")
86. CCD Camera
91. Diagonal mirror (2\")
*No. 58 is a Pentax Product

The FSQ-106 is a state-of-the-art fluorite refractor that sets a new standard for innovation and color correction. It is excellent as a astrograph, not exhibiting inherent problems with field curvature and astigmatism. Takahashi\'s modified Petzval design employs two widely separated rear elements to correct field curvature and astigmatism to produce a flat field, high contrast image without any hint of lateral color. This design produces an amazing 88mm image circle that will fully illuminate a 35, 645, or 6x7 medium format camera and vacuum back roll film holders.


The 4\" apo refractor, has a built-in camera angle adjuster that permits 360° rotation of the camera, making the FSQ-106 the perfect astrograph. In fact, this outstanding instrument can be used with a 4x5 vacuum back camera! The exceptionally large image circle will permit the use of any CCD camera. The double fluorite design which forms an image free of any secondary color will produce exceptionally sharp, high contrast views of deep sky objects or total eclipses.


(Tube assembly only)

Effective aperture Ø106mm
Focal Length 530mm - 850 w/Extender-Q
Focal Ratio F/5.0 - F/8.0 w/Extender-Q
Light Grasp 229x
Resolution 1.10\"
Limiting Magnitude 11.9
Image Circle Ø88mm - Ø44mm w/Extender-Q
Photographic Field 8.5° - 3° w/Extender-Q
Total Length of Main Tube 558mm
Diameter of Main Tube Ø114mm
Total weight of Main Tube 6kg (13.2lbs)
Finder Scope 7x50